Acupuncture & Other Traditional Chinese Medicinal Practices for Effective Pain Management

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NOTE: This course meets the Michigan LARA requirement for Chronic Pain.

This asynchronous course provides an overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine's philosophy in addressing ailments of the body, mind, and spirit along with several hands-on strategies to treat pain.

Training Format

  1. Part I discusses the benefits of mindful breathing.
  2. Part II discusses the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  3. Part III discusses the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, as well as introducing the concept of meridians or channels in the body.
  4. Part IV further discusses meridians, and then introduces acupuncture and what acupuncture can do for the body. Then, Rebeca describes one type of acupuncture that concentrates on the ear, called Auricular Acupuncture.
  5. Part V discusses Shen Men ear point, a point on the ear that is particularly useful for pain relief, tension, anxiety, and depression. Then, she goes into detail on seven acupressure points for pain relief and what each one does.
  6. Part VI shows where on the body the 7 acupressure points are located.
  7. Part VII includes 35 minutes of a documentary on grounding, or earthing, of which can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Chinese culture. This section also includes two short answer questions.

Finally, you will need to complete and pass the post-test before accessing your certificate.


  1. Learn basic knowledge of the philosophy and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  2. An overview of auricular acupuncture and hands-on learning of one ear seed point for pain management, stress, anxiety, and depression
  3. Learn acupressure points for pain management

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**Learners are most successful when using a computer when completing this course. The course software does not work as intended on a phone or tablet.

**This course meets the 2-hour Pain and Pain Symptom Management requirement for Social Work licensure. Once you have viewed all of the course content, you must pass a post-test with a score of 80% or higher to receive a social work continuing education certificate. Upon successful completion of the course and post-test, your social work continuing education certificate will be made available to download/print within Blackboard (our online course system).

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Fee: $20.00

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FeeCOURSE$ 20.00
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Rebeca Davila

As the owner and lead practitioner of Vida Acupuncture & Wellness, Rebeca integrates two distinct disciplines, Psychotherapy and Acupuncture, within her sessions to address mental health issues. Her unique treatment model is the only one of its kind in the State of Michigan. Combining talk therapy with body-centered therapies such as full-body acupuncture, acupressure, along with guided meditations has shown significant results in mental wellness. The body keeps memories of past traumas even if the mind blocks them. Thus, an integrated approach heals the mind, body, and spirit to address the root cause of an ailment so that persons can live their fullest Vida.

Rebeca Davila is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Michigan and Illinois, and a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac) in Michigan where she currently resides. She enjoys urban farming with her husband and son and believes in the importance of having a personal connection to food as part of a healthy lifestyle. She also loves to travel nationally and internationally and has visited over a dozen different countries.