Women & Addiction: An Overview of Gender-Specific Considerations in Substance Use Disorder

Dates: December 3, 2021

Meets: F from 8:45 AM to 12 N

Hours: 3.00

Location: GRAND RAPIDS - BIK 230

COURSE: $49.00

Women have historically been overlooked or underrepresented as subjects in research and findings are often generalized to men and women. However, this is beginning to change and the results are yielding noticeable differences for women when it comes to addiction formation and progression as well as the specific interventions women benefit from in substance abuse treatment. The field of substance use disorder treatement is realizing that women have physiological, hormonal, and socio-environmental differences that impact their vulnerability to addiction and relapse.

These distinct differencs are complicated by higher comorbidity with mental and behavioral health disorders, leading to challenges in treatment and recovery that need specific interventions. Looking at what makes women different from men is critical in developing substance use disorder treatment that meets the specific needs of women.

Beginner / Intermediate
Fee: $49.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)COURSE$ 49.00
Course Fee (Alternate)SSW Field Education Supervisor$ 36.00
Course Fee (Alternate)GVSU Social Work Faculty$ 15.00


GVSU - Bicycle Factory
201 Front SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504


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