The Second Brain: Gut-Brain Axis Dysfunction

Dates: January 14, 2021

Meets: Th from 12:50 PM to 4:00 PM

Hours: 3.00

Location: Online Live Webinar via Zoom

COURSE: $49.00

This workshop will discuss the gut-brain axis and how disruptions in this physical and biochemical connection directly affects digestion, mood, pain and inflammation, cognitive decline, and overall brain function. The gut-brain axis comprises of a complex connection of 500 million neurons and trillions of microbes that make up the enteric nervous system that is often referred to as “the body’s second brain.” Repairing and restoring healthy GI function and a balanced microbiome environment through diagnostic testing, functional medicine programs, and lifestyle factors can result in significant patient improvements in energy, pain, mood, and cognitive function.

1. Learn about the gut-brain axis and the effect gastrointestinal inflammation and microbiome imbalances have on the development of neurocognitive, mood, and chronic pain disorders.
2. Learn about current diagnostic testing and functional medicine based gastrointestinal repair programs available as a treatment option for patients to restore healthy gut-brain axis function.
3. Gain an understanding of proper nutrition, nootropic supplements, and lifestyle factors that can be utilized with patients to support gut-brain axis function for positive treatment outcomes.

This program meets the pain management requirement for license renewal.

Recommended for LBSW and LMSW beginning and intermediate skill levels.
Fee: $49.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)COURSE$ 49.00
Course Fee (Alternate)SSW Field Education Supervisor$ 36.00
Course Fee (Alternate)GVSU Social Work Faculty$ 15.00

Online Live Webinar via Zoom

a Zoom webinar link will be provided 2-3 days prior to the course date.


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